Booking your spiritual journey with Nativity Pilgrimage relieves you of all the hassles. There is no need to worry about the logistics such as flights, hotels, guides and timing. Invite your parish, family & friends and let Nativity do the rest! When you choose Nativity Pilgrimage you won’t have to worry about the details; hotels, flights, Mass venues, language and cultural barriers or marketing materials.

Our team is always available to ensure the process is simple and seamless. We provide comprehensive support, process all reservations, handle all accounting, invoicing and payment processing, issue travel documents and answer any questions that come up during the process.

We will walk you through all of your options for each itinerary and our expert team will make sure we create the pilgrimage of a lifetime.


How do you get started?

We recommend allowing 10 to 15 months for the planning and marketing of your pilgrimage, many destinations require flights and hotels to be booked months in advance.


Once you have selected your itinerary and travel dates, your group will be assigned a dedicated Travel Coordinator who will provide you as much or as little support as you need. Whether you have a question you need help answering, want to know how many reservations you have or suggestions on how to gather more interest in the trip your account manager is always available!


Fill your trip with the aid of our marketing materials, we will provide you with brochures & registration forms to hand out and posters to hang around your campus. Want to post on social media? We can help you with content creation as well! Reach out to ministries to promote the pilgrimage or host a spaghetti dinner to give information. If you would like an onsite presentation let your Travel Coordinator know and we can work with you to organize it.


Helpful Tips to Prepare for Your Pilgrimage

Dates and destinations are picked for your pilgrimage; your campaign has started with the distribution of brochures and announcements are been made.

Early in process of the making of the Pilgrimage, please instruct travelers about tips arrangement and how you are going to collect this. Nativity Pilgrimage will provide you with a chart for the distribution of these at the end of this document.

Most trips only include two (2) meals, breakfast and dinner, in the price. Please check the brochure to see if your trip includes lunch as a third meal.

Prior to your pilgrimage, travelers should prepare both physically & spiritually for your journey.

  • If not accustomed to physical activity, begin walking 1-2 times a day building up to 1-2 miles. Start a walking group for fellow pilgrims to meet and get to know one another.
  • Attend Mass daily if possible, spend quiet time in church to reflect upon your upcoming journey.
  • Pray to Jesus & His Blessed Mother to open your hearts and minds to new perspectives that you will be sharing in spiritual togetherness.

All travelers must have a valid passport to travel, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return date. Your registration form must have your complete name as it appears on your passport.

We suggest checking the weather online prior to packing for your trip.


General guidelines for clothing on pilgrimages

  • No formal clothing
  • Avoid tank tops or any type of sleeveless shirts
  • Avoid jeans in the hot weather
  • No shorts, shot skirts/dresses are permitted in the churches


Clothing recommendations

  • Women: long, light skits, lightweight linen, cotton lacks
  • Men: light khakis
  • Hiking pants for outdoor walking


Essentials to pack

  • Passport
  • Copy of Passport
  • Second form of identification
  • Flight documents
  • Name tag
  • Power Converter/Adapter
  • Money
  • Medication